When you are doing a recording the most important thing you will need to do is mix the vocals. As long as the vocals are strong and nice to listen to people who purchase your CD will ignore the other music in the song even if it is bad music. The point is to make sure you have the vocals sounding good and make sure everyone can here the lead singer of the song over the beats in the song.

The first part of mixing your vocals is to determine if the vocalist is the lead singer or a back up signer. If they are a lead singer you will need to make their voice be herd over all of the beats in the mix. A back up vocalist needs to be herd but not as loud as the lead singer.

The instrumentals of the song can not over power the singer or people will complain they can not hear the ringer. Once the listeners can not hear the singer over the instrumentals, then you will loose listeners because it will be a bad mix.

When you are mixing your vocals you will need to know what type of song you are recording. A rapper and a country singer will record and sound differently, so it is very important to know what type of song you will be recording. Each of these genres sound differently and will record differently so you will need to know what type of music you are recording so that you can make it sound good.

Next you will need to make sure you are making the CD sound good for the people in the room. You do not want to have the people in the room tell you want to do or how to do your job, but you will need to listen to them and what they expect from the recording. If you do not do the recording the way they like it, they will not come back to you for future recordings.

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