Making it in the music business takes a lot of dedication and patience. In the hip-hop genre, breakthrough recording artists emerge daily. You have to have fresh beats, talented producers and of course, a mixtape. Your sound has to be different from what all other artists are compiling in their studios to even have a chance at being offered some deals.

Record Demo CDs

You have to have something to submit to record labels. Demo CDs are ideal since you can burn them yourself after the tracks are mastered. Mixing rap with hip-hop beats is a combination that listeners enjoy. It is also a good idea to test out your tracks on iTunes, free of course, until you are able to make a name for yourself and start making money.

Making the Music

To become a successful artist, you have to have good beats, music that your audience can move to. Visit a beat store, similar to beatstars or perhaps to get started. ShineBeats has several categories to choose from to purchase a beat but there are free options available too. Get the beat down, practice with your lyrics and record in a studio.

Consider a YouTube Channel or Talent Competition

To be recognized, you have to create a buzz either online or in television. This helps you to gain worldwide exposure and start being added to billboard music charts. Major record labels like A&R or Warner Music are ideal places to market yourself first.

Rap and hip-hop are not universal languages. Each album has to be different from the previous and each artist has to have a voice that is all their own. You have to have something that trending artist’s do not in order to make it big in the music business.


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