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How to Become a Hip Hop Music Producer

Hip hop music is a lucrative business but at the same time requires discipline, professionalism and dedication. The task of making good beats depends on how creative and serious you’re about the assignment. Competition today is very high and, therefore, those who make unique and entertaining hip-hop beats are considered the best. Successful and well...Continue reading

How to Make Money Selling Your Music

When you have your beats and your rhythm set up just right, and when everything sounds perfect, you want to get your music out to the people. You want to show people the product of so much effort and time, and you want them to enjoy it and pay to listen to more. Having this...Continue reading

How to be signed by Music Labels

Making it in the music business takes a lot of dedication and patience. In the hip-hop genre, breakthrough recording artists emerge daily. You have to have fresh beats, talented producers and of course, a mixtape. Your sound has to be different from what all other artists are compiling in their studios to even have a...Continue reading

Where the Best Beats and Instrumentals are found

Beats or instrumentals are important elements that will complete a good music. You will prove this true especially if you frequent sites like BeatStars or if you listen to songs a lot. Not only are these two useful in creating songs, they can also be utilized as background music on videos. So, unless you are gifted...Continue reading